The Foam Cow Mattress System consists of our closed cell foam mattress pad with 100% waterproof fabric top covers to provide a soft resilient rest area for your cows. Michigan Farm Systems, Inc. Foam Cow Mattress System is the ultimate in comfort and economy for cow comfort systems in stall installations.

Our unique closed cell foam results in a resilient pad 1-1/2″ to 3″ thick that has a great memory – it bounces back instead of developing high and low spots, is easy to install and easy to keep clean.

The Foam Cow Mattress System’s high insulation value reduces your cow’s body heat loss to cold concrete and keeps the cow cooler in the summer heat.

The Foam Cow Mattress System is lightweight and easy to install. It comes in sizes 55″ and 63″ long and in standard widths 39″ and 48″. Covering the Foam Cow Mattress System with Michigan Farm Systems non-abrasive waterproof MC2 top cover completes this exceptional Mattress System. The cover is woven polyester impregnated with a solid rubber surface.

The Foam Cow Mattress System Comfort Advantage

  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof cover prevents entrapment of urine or other body products
  • Light weight and durability make it easy to install
  • The Foam Cow Mattress System creates an exceptionally resilient pad that holds its shape and will bounce back time after time
  • High insulation value, rejects cold and dampness from the concrete subsurface
  • Standard widths of 39″ + 48″ and 55″ + 63″ long
  • Cleaner cows, less Mastitis
  • Requires less bedding
  • Absorbs pressure points of the resting animal
  • Reduces knee, hock, and udder injuries
  • Provides orthopedic contour support
  • Provides great traction
  • Used in Europe for over 25 years
  • Reduces animal rolling accidents
  • Offers more natural bedding comfort
  • Improves hygiene, resulting in fewer teat infections, injury or bedding sores
  • Enhances better housekeeping
  • Can be repaired if damaged
  • University tests show that increased milk production results from improved comfort, lying and standing
  • Installation drawings and assistance available